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Group Training for Employers:

SMGT is a Group Training Organisation that provides employers with the benefits of hiring apprentices and trainees but takes the hassle out of the process.

SMGT employs apprentices and trainees and then places them with a host employer, for varying periods, until the apprentice has been completed.

With SMGT, employers have the advantage of carefully selected apprentices and trainees, with flexible placement term and minus the hassle of paperwork and payroll.

SMGT manages recruitment, training contracts, wages and entitlements, administration, training delivery and monitor skill development.

SMGT provides flexibility so your business is not locked into a long term training contract. Apprentices and trainees can be changed and moved to suit your business needs.

SMGT provides regular visits to ensure apprentices and trainees are living up to their agreed obligations and to identify any areas of concern.

SMGT can provide solutions that save you time and money whilst providing the resources and support your business needs.

Group Training for Job Seekers:

Whether you've just left school, wanting to get back into the workforce, or perhaps just looking for a change, SMGT can help.

SMGT can offer you the expert advice and assistance to find the right apprenticeship to reach your career goals.

An apprenticeship is a vocational training program which generally lasts four years and combines both on and off - the - job training and leads to a nationally recognised trade qualification.

A traineeship is a vocational training program that generally lasts one to two years full-time and can also be completed on a part time basis.

Traineeships are available to all applicants and combine on and off - the - job training.

SMGT can provide placements in industries including: automotive, construction, electrical, plumbing, engineering, horticulture, community services, retail, hospitality, business administration and more.

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