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SMGT's Group Training Services 
SMGT advertises your tailor made position, developing a Position Description and key selection criteria.
We screen the SMGT network for potential employees to suit your business. We short list new applicants through interviews, reference checks and provide you with the best suitable candidates for your position. 
Once you have selected an Apprentice or Trainee, your SMGT Employment Consultant registers your Apprentice or Trainee with the Registered Training Organisation.

SMGT can also help design a training package that will best suit your business needs.
SMGT provide a full payroll service, paying your Apprentice or Trainee in accordance with the relevant Award, Certified Agreement or AWA.
Calculation and payment of accrued Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Superannuation etc. is all taken care of by SMGT.

SMGT takes care of the fortnightly invoicing
of your Apprentices or Trainees wages.
SMGT monitors and supports the progress of your Apprentice or Trainee in their training and employment through regularly scheduled contact visits.
SMGT assists you (the Host Employer) with any employment issues that may arise.
We arrange alternative placements (short-term/long-term) depending upon seasonal fluctuations in your industries.
We actively seek available State or Commonwealth Incentives. These Government rebates will be passed onto you, as the Host Employer.

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